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Athena Najat

Professional oriental dance artist

about me

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Inspiring and exciting, Athena Najat shares her deep love and passion of Oriental dance (bellydance) through performances,group choreography, and instruction. Performing and teaching all over the world, she is a multi-award winning dancer with a truly unique international performance career, and extensive training in dance and stage-craft. Athena Najat is of Greek-American heritage, currently based in Istanbul,Turkey.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Performances

On a break from the public stage due to the 2020 global pandemic, Athena is performing in Online Showcases.

Coproducer: DunyaDanceOnline

Click here for more info. 

Online Classes

Join Athena online! There is a class for everyone! Athena offers a wide range of bellydance classes from Beginner level dance lessons to Advanced coaching. Click here now!

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Festivals and Travel

Habibi Tsiggana Festival is co-organized by Amira Balkis and Athena Najat each year in Athens, Greece. Click here to visit the web page.  Follow the Festival on Instagram.

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Special Projects

Click here to learn more about the exciting projects Athena has been a part of!

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