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Back to basics

Beginner and refresher class focusing on technique, form, and fun!

Beginner Level

4 Video Tutorials &

Bonus Live Feedback Session

Access to the 4 Beginner Video Tutorials are sent to the dancer immediately upon registration. 

You are able to watch and practice at your convenience as many times as they would like.  Take it at your own pace!  


*As a Bonus, Premium Registration includes participation in a LIVE online feedback class with Athena


Once you've completed the video tutorials, Contact Athena

to schedule your live one-on-one session 

The purpose of the one-one session is to repeat and practice the material, to recieve valuable feedback and constructive correction, and to address any questions you may have related to the material. 


Video Tutorials will be available to participants for repeat viewing. 

For privacy and comfort of all participants, Bonus Live Feedback classes, will not be recorded/shared. 

If you are unable to attend a live class or are not interested in the live feedback session, you may opt for personalised feedback/questions via message/practice video.

Are you ready to dance?  Register and see class prices below.

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For Classes/training follow:




Class Notes
(What we will practice)

Beginner Basics Video Series 1

Video 1:  Shimmies, horizontal circles (stationary and traveling)
                Hip accents (stationary and traveling)
Video 2:  
Running Shimmies, vertical inward eights, 
ip drops, transitions
Video 3: Undulations and camels, Kosh basic step
Video 4: Step lift, 3 step turn, performance finishing touches

Class Prices

$10/ 8.50€

One video tutorial 

$30/ 25€

Access to the full course after one-class trial 

$40/ 35€

Four video tutorials and one Bonus live class.

Are you interested in taking a more challenging class? Athena teaches weekly workshops, click here to learn more.

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