Back to basics

Beginner and refresher class focusing on technique, form, and fun!

Beginner Level

Video Tutorials & Weekly Feedback Class

New Video Tutorials are sent to the group each Friday. 

Students are able to watch and practice at their convenience throughout the week we will meet as a group in the following Thursday in a Live online class to repeat and practice the material and for questions, clarification, and personal feedback! (class time is listed below)


Video Tutorials will be available throughout the month. For the privacy of the members of the Basics class, the Live Feedback classes will not be recorded/shared. If you are unable to attend the live classes, sign up for video-only and communicate with me privately for personalized feedback/questions via message/video. Please see class prices below.

For Classes/training follow:



Class Time

Class Prices

$10/ 9€

One video tutorial and one live class.

$20/ 18€

Access to all video tutorials only.

$35/ 30€

Three video tutorials and three live classes.

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